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Duncan Lewis retains Disability Symbol User Accreditation

July 13th, 2011

Duncan Lewis has worked in partnership with Jobcentre Plus since 2008, in order to deliver our commitment to embrace all members of the local communities and assist with the recruitment and continued employment of those affected by a disability. The Disability Symbol User status has been granted to Duncan Lewis for the last three years as a result of this. Following our recent annual audit, Duncan Lewis is pleased to announce that the firm has been awarded the Disability Symbol Accreditation for a further 12 months.

Graham Houghton, District Manager, East London District, Jobcentre Plus comments, “The evidence provided and general embracing of the ethos of the symbol continues to meet the criteria of the five commitments required by this accreditation”

An employee at Duncan Lewis makes the following statement with regards to this:

I began working at Duncan Lewis as a caseworker in 2006. I suffer from a disability but as it does not directly affect my work I did not mention it when I began. However, approximately 7 months after I began I applied for a training contract and at that time in order to apply you needed to take a written exam. As I required special arrangements for any written exams that I took, I informed HR of my disability. I was called for a meeting as they were not aware of my disability but after I explained my whole situation to them they were accommodating and provided me with the special arrangements which I required. 

Since then I have progressed at Duncan Lewis from caseworker to trainee and am now a qualified solicitor at Duncan Lewis. During my time I have not felt that I have been treated any differently from any other employee or given any special treatment. However I feel that when I have needed to approach my supervisor or HR for any reason concerned with my health issues they have been accommodating and understanding to my needs. Furthermore, they have treated my situation with the utmost confidentiality, which is also of importance to me.

I therefore encourage any employee who feels they have special needs or require extra assistance in any way to approach their supervisor and inform HR accordingly, as this is something they should obtain the support they need for.