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Planning reforms confusing and vague which would set off deluge of cases before the court of Law?

September 19th, 2011

The MP’S have been warned that the controversial planning reforms bill would bring in many drawn out court battles due to its vagueness. The proposals are so are confusing with its definitions that it is bound to end up in the courts it is feared.

The proposed planning reforms are meant for boosting the economy help out housing and removing any red tape. But the main benefactors of the reforms would be the developers who already hold several sites across the countryside.

“Presumption in favour of sustainable development” is the catchphrase of the proposed planning reforms but the experts say that it is so blurred that it is going to end up with legal problems.

The regional policies strategies are being planned to be replaced by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The legal experts opine that the policy doesn’t have anything special to expedite or simplify the housing sector rather it would only create more fuel for arguments.

There are some conservative back benchers who are trying to take the matter with the ministers to make some amendments to the draft policy.

Experts believe Projects which are economically important and generate employment should be given credence and residential development in itself would not spur economic growth.

Experts believe that reforms with such vaguely interpreted policies are only going to bring wind fall to the community of lawyers who stand to gain as more appeals, more enquiries and legal challenges would result of the bill.

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