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Mental health will be no 1 health problem in the world and needs to be addressed at the work places too.

September 23rd, 2011
Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

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“Fit for work” a pilot scheme has been throwing light on the need for help to people who are working in various capacities.UK itself is seeing the effects of mental health problems coming to light, as most of the referrals, to fit for work scheme are pertaining to mental issues.

Medical diagnosis and treatment of the problem is not the only solution but different strategies have to be chalked out to address the needs of the patients it was argued.

“Mental health is a very large challenge to us in theUK,” said Dame Carol Black who is leading the independent sickness absence review, she also raised the severity of the issues in theUK.

She said that there were no policies to tackle mental health at the work place including non work related issues which she said must be included.

Dr Fikry Isaac, vice president of Global Health Services at Johnson and Johnson, said that the mental well being was not just related to work and companies need to act also on non-work related issues.

The issues have to be dealt with a holistic approach he said as people tend to carry work problem to home and vice versa. He added that interventions have to be designed based on root causes of their problems.

Professor Dee Edington of theUniversityofMichigansaid that specialists have to be trained on 21st century issues which are based on behavior in health and strategies around culture and improving culture and environment in organizations.

He concluded by saying that the focus must be primarily on mental health which is going to be the major issue in the future.

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