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Defense giant BAE Systems to “Lay Off” workers affecting thousands

September 27th, 2011
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In the wake of governments cuts in defence spending thousands of workers in the defence sectors are going to be laid off or lose their jobs.

These job losses are mainly at the Aircraft division of BAE located at Warton and Samlesbury in Lancashire and Brough inEast Yorkshire.

The BAE in a statement said that the Company informed its staff about the review in its operation across its businesses to make the company efficient and effective.

Which means austerity measures to be carried out which includes the removal of workers.

The union chief’s were irate that the workers were kept waiting to be told of their job losses. The Union officials were unanimous in blaming the government and its defence cuts for the job losses.

Earlier this year the company had stated that around 2000 workers would be leaving their employment on their own and shift to other jobs of the company. But 450 compulsory lay off’s across several military sites was imminent they said.

It is being assumed that 900 jobs at Brough, 820 at Warton and 560 jobs at Samlesbury would be cut along with hundreds more at smaller BAE sites.

The shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy said at a time when employment was hard to come by it was devastating for Lancashire and Yorkshire and also toUKmanufacturing.

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