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Royal Navy announces job cuts

September 30th, 2011
Royal Navy rear admiral command flag

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In a move where the Government is contemplating to do away with 5000 jobs from Navy by 2015, has  commenced shedding off jobs by issuing redundancy notices from today. Some of them to receive the notices are serving with the NATO’s Operation Unified Protector over the seas ofLibya.

The government stated that all those who are engaged in operations preparing for operations and on operational leave will not be affected.

Total number of jobs that are on the chopping block is around 1020 and the Royal Navy will announce the members who have been selected for redundancy.

Though voluntary redundancy scheme was launched there were few takers which has led 350 personnel to be removed forcibly.

Some are suggesting given the present global scenario specially for the people who had served in the Libyan campaign such reduction would hamper the overall effectiveness of the Navy in times of global turmoil and would lower the morale of the Navy.

The people supporting the job cuts argue that though a hard decision the Navy has to work with its allies and partners for an effective global reconnaissance.

The employment scene in the defence and its allied sectors doesn’t look rosy with the recent job cuts at BAE and now the Navy announcing further cuts. With the government intent to reform the gloomy economy and keen to implement its austerity measures in all sectors this is just the beginning.

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