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Fearing her children being taken away from her a mother suffocates her kids to death

October 21st, 2011
Location of Cumbria, UK. Traced by user:Heron ...

Location of Cumbria

Lianne Smith 44, a British mother and a former manager in the Cumbria county council’s children services department had admittedly killed her children daughter Rebecca five and eleven months old son Daniel by suffocating them with plastic bags at Spanish resort on 17th May 2010.
She supposedly was under fear that her children were going to be taken away by the British Social services as her partner Martin Smith was arrested in Barcelona over charges of sex against children in the UK.
The prosecution is trying for maximum of 38 years in prison for Smith on two counts of premeditated murder.
The defence is seeking acquittal on the grounds of mental illness and action committed under extreme stress. The case as it stands will depend on whether the jury believes that Smith was mentally ill at the time of committing the crime which would clear her of the murder charges.
If Smith is found to be mentally ill then she would be sent to a secure psychiatry center and would be released without any charges once the doctors say that she has been cured of her illness.
Smith had told a reporter she had killed the kids to protect them from social services after the arrest of her partner. 
Her partner Martin Smith who was a fugitive was charged for 13 sexual offences and failing to answer police bail. He was on the run since 2007 and was arrested at Barcelona and extradited. The Liverpool Crown Court had sentenced him to 16 years in prison for 11 counts of rape, attempted rape, and indecency with child and indecent assault.
Lianne Smith is under watch at a psychiatric unit near Barcelona. Two state doctors who earlier interviewed her said that they do not find any known mental illness in her but her case was complicated they said.
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