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Cutbacks bring regeneration of new homes to a standstill mid way through leaving many households abandoned

November 3rd, 2011
housing scheme meant to revive housing in badly maintained areas, of North West, the Midlands, the North East and Yorkshire, by bringing down the old structures and build new homes, had been stopped mid way the local government Committee said.
Barton Regeneration Centre. Barton Regeneratio...
Regeneration Centre
The reason, a group of MPs said the people are left stranded in appalling conditions due to cutting of funding by the governments in regeneration projects.
The group said that the people were trapped and the government had no strategy to come out of the situation.
The scheme the critics said was a futile exercise which left even good houses being pulled down without any plan to replace them when the houses could have been renovated.
A all party committee which was constituted to look into the winding up of the housing renewal scheme last year said the decision to end funding to the scheme had left deep effect on the lives of people.
Labour chairman Clive Betts said that he witnessed the fallout of cutting funds to the regeneration projects. He said that he met people on half abandoned streets where people were left high and dry because the promise to provide them new homes was never met. Similar stories had been heard from other affected areas he said.
In response, Housing  Minister Grant Shapps said, help was coming soon for the worst affected. He said that previous government’s attempts at regeneration relied on “bulldozing buildings without any plans for regeneration.
The government will be announcing additional funding to help those people living in the worst-affected streets, and give free hand to the councils and residents to take vital decision over likely measures to improve their own neighborhoods” he said.
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