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A watchdog is critical of police handling rape case victims and the perpetrators

February 28th, 2012

An offender who was serving a 42 month sentence for three street robberies and was released on license, carried out an attack, just three months into his release, causing the death of an elderly man in his home.

Paul Cox lived in his house at Rednal, Worcestershire. He was disabled man who spent his nights in the living room since two years as his house was burgled in 2009 within the span of months.

The grandfather was so scared after the incidents that he slept downstairs in his armchair fearing he would be burgled again.

His fears of being the victim of burglary came true when he was throttled by the drunken serial thief Cory Youlden, who made away with a bag of coins and Mr Cox’s car.

Mr Cox was found dead just four days before his 84th birthday, slumped at the foot of his chair in the home he lived for 55 years. He was divorced and was living separately for last 40 years suffering with coronary heart disease, partially deaf and blind in one eye the court was told.

Youlden, the court heard, had a row with his girlfriend at her home and after storming out of her house smashed a window to break into the home of Mr Cox and committed the crime.

The court heard that footprints matching Youlder’s shoes were found upstairs and his fingerprints were found on the smashed window pane.

The re offending Youlden who tried to erase forensic evidence by cleaning up with bleach was sentenced for life with a minimum 22 years in jail for the crime.

Youlden with 24 other convictions was arrested two days after the killing in June. By then he had sold the car he stole from Mr Cox.

He admitted the charges of murder, theft and burglary earlier this month.

Judge Roberts Juckes QC said that the victim had offered little by way of resistance but was held in headlock for 15 to 20 seconds. he told Youlden that he was inexcusable record of burglary
Detective Chief Inspector Paul Williamson, of West Mercia Police, said Youlden was ‘deceitful, callous and calculated man whose brutal killing of a vulnerable man was a senseless act as he gained very little of it.