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Most wanted and named as one of the biggest criminals of Britain trying to flood London with cocaine is freed by the court

February 29th, 2012

Jamie Dempsey, 33, who was named one of the biggest international criminal, suspected for plotting to fill the streets of London with 299 Kg (660 pounds) of high purity cocaine in 2009 has been set free by the Leicester Crown Court.

He was accused to have attempted smuggling £80 million worth of cocaine into the UK. He once appeared as most wanted list of crooks hiding in the Costa Del Sol and featured in a BBC’s Crimewatch programme.

The investigation had lasted for two years to track him who was suspected of being in Spain evading arrest.

But the officers from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) arrested him with the help of the Spanish police in Benhavis, Marbella, on a tip off from public.

It was hailed as a great achievement but ended in anti climax as the 5 member jury found him not guilty in the court.

Speaking out side the court his sister Natalie Dempsey said that the family was overjoyed at the verdict and happy for his homecoming.
She added that the police had arrested him under mistaken identity.

Last year three people were arrested in the same police sting operation as Dempsey and they were jailed in total of 55 years all were sentenced to jail for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Dempsey said that he was just relieved that the nightmare was over as he was innocent all along and was only a penniless plumber from Essex.

He added that his face was being shown over the TV and the Newspapers and one day when he was in Marbella at his parents home he was arrested.