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Paedophile who abused children jailed after 30 years of the crime

March 28th, 2012


David Bryant, 65, kidnapped four girls aged between three and five in the 1980’s and 1990’s subjecting them to horrific torture lasting several hours.

Finally law caught up with the paedophile, 30 years after the first heinous crime he committed, using DNA technology and placing him behind bars.

The child abductor had snatched each of his victims in broad daylight while they were playing outside and dumped two of them in tears miles from their home.

Bryant, who avoided justice for three decades, was caught when one of his relative was arrested in an unrelated matter. The police used pioneering DNA technology called familial profiling to link Bryant to the unsolved cases.

Officers kept a strain of DNA on file, taken from an item of clothing belonging to one of the girls.

When Bryant’s relative was arrested in May last year, they took his DNA and discovered a familial match. The relative was not charged with any offence.

Bryant, who has previous convictions for sexual offences dating back to 1975, was arrested and his DNA was found to be a perfect match.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Binks of Northumbria Police described the child abductions as ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’.

For 30 years, Bryant left these victims and their families traumatized by his despicable actions and had shown absolutely no remorse, he said.

With advances in DNA technology, and the joint work with Hampshire Police and the Forensic Science Service, the man met his fate at last when he was sentenced to 16 years at the Newcastle Crown Court after several months of courtroom denials he had changed his plea to guilty in an earlier hearing.

Even after thirty years his victims recollect their trauma and live in fear of things which reminds them of the horrifying ordeal from the past.