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An asylum seeker waiting to be deported commits rape while on bail

March 30th, 2012



An asylums seeker from Palestine, Ali Aboalkassem, 29, who was released on bail, after being arrested by the UK Border Agency a year ago, after he entered Britain illegally to claim asylum, has been jailed for punching a woman to the ground and raping her in a park.

He was awaiting deportation. But immigration officials released him back into society on bail as there was no realistic prospect of an imminent removal from the UK.

The 32 year old victim was approached by the rapist when she was walking along Parker’s Piece, in the middle of historic Cambridge, and asked for a light for a cigarette, then offered her an alcoholic drink.

When she refused his offer he grabbed her and dragged her off the path, punched her and after she passed off raped her on the grass.

He ran away after taking her mobile and the distressed woman than waved to a passing cyclist for help who called the police.

Aboalkassem’s DNA was later discovered on the victim and on a bottle of absinthe, which was recovered from the crime scene.

After admitting his crime he was sentenced to six year in jail at Cambridge Crown Court and will be deported when he is released.

The attack happened shortly after 6am on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 as the victim walked to work, Aboalkassem was arrested at a cafe in Mill Road just after midnight on Sunday, October 16.

Stating it was an appalling case the Conservative MP for Beckenham, Bob Stewart, said that it was the failure of the border agency.

He added that the man should have been deported almost immediately once his plea for asylum was rejected.

He said the case was a classic example of why the deportation matter should be sorted immediately failing to do so would now mean putting him in prison for six years at the cost of the exchequer.