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A 14 year old boy murders his mother inspired by a soap opera murder plot – is detained for minimum of 16 years

April 4th, 2012

In a shocking incident a 15 year old boy murdered his mother with a hammer and set her body on fire.

The boy whose identity was not revealed earlier has been lifted by the court when the Nottingham Crown Court sentenced the boy in detention for minimum of 16 years.

Daniel Bartlam the boy had denied murder but admitted the manslaughter of his mother Jacqueline Bartlam, following a row at their Nottinghamshire home.

In a gruesome attack the court was told that the mother was beaten seven times with a claw hammer, fracturing her face and skull. After being beaten her body was padded up with paper and covered in petrol and set on fire, the court was told.

A soap opera murder plot and violent TV clips were found on Daniels computer.

At first the boy made up a story that an intruder had killed his mother but the detectives found a written soap opera plot on his computer which depicted his fantasies of his character carrying out the killing. Daniel was only 14 at the time.

His interests were mainly on the character John Stape from the Coronation Street storyline the court heard.

In the soap, Stape’s character murders a woman with a hammer and then leaves her body in the wreckage of a tram crash.

It was understood that Daniel was watching violent horror movies since he was eight and just before the murder had viewed the film Saw for hours.

The teenager claimed he had been provoked into violence when his mother called him “a freak” during their argument. He was found guilty of murder at Nottingham Crown Court on 9 February. The jury heard authorities raised concerns about the boy’s behaviour in the months before the attack.

Though he told the counselors that he heard voices telling him to do violent things hurting people and was having visions of killing people the experts had concluded and told the court that he was not mentally sick and that he did not pose any risk.

Judge Julian Flaux described the murder as “grotesque” and “senseless” and said it seemed like the teenager wanted to “get away with the perfect murder”.

Det Ch Insp. Kate Meynell, who led the murder inquiry, said the planning and the violence involved in the crime and the extent of lies was not only shocking but was chilling for a boy of 14 to do it.