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A Home Office pilot on Domestic Violence is in its ending stage after which it will be evaluated by university academics

April 16th, 2012

A Home Office pilot which has been on trial since last year has completed its three quarter stage of its year long tenure.

The pilot being tested in Chippenham, Swindon and Salisbury has seen the Magistrates granting 10 more Domestic Viloence Protection Orders (DVPO) under the pilot to keep the perpetrators at a safe distance from their victims.

At this stage of the pilot the total numberof DVPO’s stood at 114 with 21 applications refused by the courts.

Police in Wiltshire, Greater Manchester and West Mercia began testing the so-called ‘Go orders’ last July.

The pilot, due to end on June 30, is being evaluated by university academics.

Since the trial started, magistrates have granted 90 orders for the maximum 28 days, one for 25 days, 10 for 21 days and 13 for 14 days.

Fifty-four DVPOs have been issued to perpetrators in Swindon, 31 in the area served by Chippenham magistrates and 29 in and around Salisbury.

Detective Inspector Matt Stone, the Force lead on domestic abuse, said that the DVPO pilot, and the wider work of the Domestic Abuse Investigation Team, was  contributing to the goal of keeping Wiltshire people out of harm’s way.

He said that his team continued with the successfully application of DVPOs to enable victims of abuse to seek the support they needed from the fore and its partner agencies.

Together they were using number of methods to help the victims break free from the abuse they were subjected to.

Emphasising the importance of the DVPO’s Stone said that they had already begun provisional work with the evaluators to assess the impact of its trial by ensuring that everyone at the address of a domestic violence scene were safe. Some officers were also equipped with body worn video cameras to record the scene.

Sometimes there was not enough evidence to charge the perpetrator with a criminal offence but on the balance of probabilities a superintendent decides whether the victim is at risk of further violence so that they can be authorised a Domestic Violence Protection Notice (DVPN) A DVPN excludes the perpetrator from the address, or from approaching or molesting the victim, for 48 hours. Officers then seek a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO) from magistrates.